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Squirrel Control


Public Awareness

Grey squirrels are classified as rodents and mainly reside in woodlands though are found in or near copses and hedgerows. Within an urban environment they commonly reside in parks, gardens or anywhere there may be trees with an abundant food source. They are a pest due to their frequent intrusions to properties with chimneys, loft spaces or cavities with the intensions of birthing and rearing their young if not to hibernate over winter periods becoming active once it passes.
Whist in a premises they disrupt occupants with excessive rampant activity and are capable of causing severe damage both internally and externally to structural materials. They are capable of birthing a medium sized litter in just 6 - 7 weeks, resulting in excessive disruptive behaviour and are also known as carriers of fleas and ticks which themselves are capable of transmitting disease as well as a squirrel. They are also likely to cause dangerous amounts of damage to building materials and could potentially cause house fires due to cable gnawing which makes their eradication extremely urgent before an infestation becomes out of control.
Steel Guard Pest Control are experts in Property Inspection, Rodent Control (Squirrels), Trapping Treatments, Prevention Methods & Techniques whilst providing knowledgeable advise with recommendations to prevent a reoccurring infestation. We aim to effectively resolve infestations as swiftly and efficiently as possible (which can depend on the circumstances of an infestation).

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Preventing an Infestation

How to get rid of Squirrels!

A squirrel infestation can leave occupants with a feeling of despair as their activity durations can be loud and continuous especially within unsociable hours whist manoeuvring in wall or loft cavities, and even more so distressing if a squirrel was to die within a cavity causing a horrendous smell. There are a number of preventative measures that can be carried out by occupants to reduce their activity if not prevent them entering your external surroundings before or whilst treatment is in progress which are listed below:
  • Ensure to Remove Fruits, Acorns, Pine Cones, Conkers or anything that has fallen from surrounding trees which squirrels may find edible.
  • Ensure not to Feed any Wildlife within your external surroundings of your premise and Removing Bird Feeds or Bird Baths should be considered as these encourage a squirrel presence.
  • An External inspection should be made regularly and any Property Damage, Holes/Gaps and Missing/Damaged Drainage Materials should be repaired or replaced immediately to secure possible ingress points.

If a Constant Presence Persists externally or Squirrels Manage to Gain Access to your premises and the following steps have been taken, immediately contact Steel Guard Pest Control so a survey and preventative programme to be carried out.

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