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Spider Control


Public Awareness

Spiders are a common pest within a household and have been living amongst us for centuries. House spiders prey on insects and other small creatures, so as alien as they may look they are actually a natural defence against other household insect pests that may cause damage, contamination or spread disease.
That being said, there are other species of spiders which are more commonplace outside (which reside in low vegetation/exterior crevices) and on occasions there are rare species of spiders that contain lethal doses of venom which have managed to migrate from other countries finding their way into UK properties posing a potential threat to the lives of occupants.
All spiders are capable of biting though majority of house spiders will not bite humans and if so their venom is not strong enough to cause severe harm though, it would be all species of spiders that cause distress to people with phobias. Those who don't suffer from arachnophobia may just consider spiders to be a general nuisance as their egg-sacs can release a considerable amount of spiders causing a premises to become overran by an infestation..

Steel Guard Pest Control are experts in Property Inspection, Spider Control, Pesticide Treatments, Prevention Methods & Techniques whilst providing knowledgeable advise with recommendations to prevent a reoccurring infestation. We aim to effectively resolve infestations as swiftly and efficiently as possible (which can depend on the circumstances of an infestation).

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Personal Preventative Measures

How to get rid of Spiders!

Due to their cryptic behaviour, preventing a Spider infestation either internally or externally can be extremely difficult if you take into consideration their size and ability which enables them to gain access through cracks and crevices or exploit weathered/worn materials. That being said, there still are a number of preventative measures that can be carried out by occupants to prevent or reduce their activity if not get rid of them before or whilst a flea treatment is in progress which are listed below:
  • It would benefit occupants to Keep a Tidy House as clean homes give spiders fewer places to hide out in, making them less likely to stay:
  1. Do not leave Leftover Food Lying Around as food crumbs will attract other pests, which, in turn, will ultimately attract spiders.
  2. Regularly Sweep / Vacuum Floors and Wall Surfaces physically removing any spiders, eggs or webs.
  3. Removing Clutter (old newspapers, piles of dirty clothes, etc) reduces hiding places for spiders to thrive in darkness.
  4. Using Airtight Storage Containers will also make it difficult for spiders to crawl into denying them harbourage to breeding (unlike cardboard boxes).
  • Remove / Transplant Vegetation away from the perimeter of your house to the opposite side of the yard as plants serve as suitable hiding spots.
  • It is said through folk tale that spaying an equal mix of Vinegar and Water onto spiders is thought to burn and kill them due to the chemical compound (acetic acid) vinegar contains.

And last but not least, the best course of action to take would be to contact Steel Guard Pest Control for a survey and preventative programme to be carried out!

Facts of an Spiders Life