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At Steel Guard Pest Control we value our customers' feedback as it enables us to perfect our services providing you with the satisfaction expected. Please spare a moment to click on the link below and fill out a review of your experience of the service provided so that we may improve our services.
Lynn Parmley
Excellent service. I hired Steel Guard Environmental to help sort out carpet moths. Nicholas is a really nice, funny guy, he is reliable and did a great job. I would definitely use his services again. I highly recommend Steel Guard Environmental.
Annmarie Wilmot
Fantastic service, very helpful with supporting my parents as they have had ants In their house. He came out and treated the house internally and Externally. He'd also been text enough to make sure that everything was okay throughout the process of the treatment, recommend highly.
Val Lea
First class service in removing a wasps' nest from inside a big pot in our garden. Tricky job because the pot was occupied by a wisteria attached to a trellis up the house wall. Fast response, good communication, job done quickly and efficiently by Nick. Many thanks.
Caroline Davies
I found Nick at Steel Guard Environmental to be excellent. He arrived when scheduled to do so. We had a rodent problem. On the first visit, he pulled up floorboards, found the entry holes and set traps and poison. In other visits he filled the entry holes and tunnels with wire wool & foam. He came for an extra visit to cement up a hole in the drain too. I found him professional, non-judgemental and very pleasant. Happy to recommend his services.
Kristen Brown
Its been some time now we've had drain flies in our premises which was prominent in the bathroom and kitchen areas. A professional and well mannered technician named Nick arrived at our premises on an agreed date (and on time which makes a change) to carry out a fog treatment throughout the premises which was followed by other methods over a set time eventually reliving us our irritable intruders. Knowledgable and pleasant to talk to.
Ekevu Ibori
Had a serious problem with cockroaches that came from the kitchen and started to infest the other rooms one by one. I became so stressed I decided to call the professionals. Nick came and did a very very good inspection in all affected areas before the treatment started. The reduction was clear to see before the follow up visit took place and 3 weeks after it had been completed I never spotted them anymore. May god bless the work you do.
Aimee Strong
I live in a 2 bed flat and for a while had been hearing a lot noise coming from onside the plaster wall in my kitchen. An operative came to my place the following day after contacting them and found evidence of mice and the holes they were using to go to and from my flat. A treatment was started immediately throughout the flat and and the holes were blocked on the following visits. It seems to have worked because I haven't seen or heard anything since. I no longer have to worry about my little girl coming into contact with mice or anything of hers becoming contaminated. Thank you Nick.
Reg Djan
Have been experiencing loud noises in my loft, turns out I've only got squirrels playing ruby up there. I searched google for a while and came across steel guard, explained my situation and a tech came out the same day. 2 days later 2 squirrels had been caught in traps and hey presto, no more rugby games. A very swift resolution and a good lad.
Lucy Ajala
Black Ants have been the bane of ours lives for months now as they were present in every room. A man from steel guard environmental visited and explained what may have caused such a heavy presence, the treatment process and what we should do to reduce if not eradicate the infestation. We still have one treatment left but I have been so pleased with the results so far, I felt it was only right to leave a review. Our problem has drastically reduced and I'm glad I chose this company.
Mr Ajaz
I had a nasty infestation of Bedbugs for for a number of months and tried everything to resolve it myself but had no success. I managed to find steel guard pest control on google and a technician came to my premises the following day and carried out a very thorough, professional treatment (none of this in and out, slap dash work) advising me on the do's and don'ts. The treatment was conducted over a number weeks but at the end I was Bedbug free and finally have my life back.
Thank you steel guard pest control. You gave us the peace we sought.
Ganimete Selimi
Hi there just wanted to give a review about Steel Guard who had came to my house to carry out a mouse treatment and in doing so closed all access points, placed poison and bait boxes where they were needed (beneath cooker, sink etc) and a brilliant job was done for the 1st visit leaving my home clear of any mess and left it completely tidy. On the 2nd visit they came checking and closing more holes leaving me extremely pleased with this service. The technician was very kind as he was helpful and since then i have not seen any mice in my kitchen leaving me feeling stress free as I was physically was going crazy knowing mice were living with me. I would strongly recommend using Steel Guard Pest Control and I shall be calling them once I move from my current home to the new one next year so an inspection can be carried out preventing anything like this from happening. Thank you so much Steel Guard, you guys are a legends. I'm so happy I chose this company, value for money unlike other companies that quoted me extremely high prices for less.
Adrian Ionel Cristian
A very good job was conducted at my premises for a bedbug treat by steelguard pest control. The bedbugs no longer exist thanks to the technician Nick, I recommend this company to anyone that has a problem with bedbugs. Thanks to Steel Guard Environmental Job well done.
Isaiah Rose
I have called steel guard for a pest issue that I have had resolved. They attended to my premises on time, were very professional and since the last visit I have not seen any mice droppings or any issues for the last 3 months now I recommend the service to anyone, very polite people.
Elisabeth Wright
An ongoing Bedbug Service has been carried out starting a few weeks back and I must say, what a pleasant and professional service I've been receiving. The infestation has reduced drastically and all measures are being taken for resolution. Well done steel guard!