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Moth Control


Public Awareness

Moth infestations are a common occurrence within domestic and/or commercial properties in the UK and depending on the species the sizes of moths will vary as will their diets and places of harbourage. The the larvae and adult moths will inhabit and feed from materials that exist within their immediate surroundings or a within a property, potentially causing a considerable amount of damage.
Both the moths and the larvae are usually found on surfaces of all types within a premises but can also be found residing in areas where stored foods, warmth and/or humidity are present (such as warehouse/museum packings & fabrics, pantries, boiler cupboards, carpets and upholstery) though occasionally will be found in loft spaces if birds' nests are present. The larvae are extremely destructive eaters (more so then the moth) which ultimately will lead to financial loss, severe damage to fabrics/furs, plants and contamination to foodstuffs.
Besides their destructive nature moths are capable of reproducing well within the 100s which makes them a considerable threat to furnishings, personal belongings and stock making their eradication extremely urgent.


Steel Guard Pest Control are experts in Property Inspection, Moth Control, Pesticide Treatments, Prevention Methods & Techniques whilst providing knowledgeable advise with recommendations to prevent a reoccurring infestation. We aim to effectively resolve infestations as swiftly and efficiently as possible (which can depend on the circumstances of an infestation).

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Personal Preventative Measures

How to get rid of Moths!

Preventing moths and their larvae from infesting your premises can be discouraging due to their cryptic nature, ability of flight and overwhelming numbers leaving occupants not knowing where to start. That being said, there still are a number of preventative measures that can be carried out by occupants to prevent or reduce their activity if not get rid of them before or whilst a fly treatment is in progress which are listed below:

  • Keep Temperature and Humidity Controlled throughout the property as moths thrive in warm, humid temperatures.
    1. Keep windows and doors closed whilst your air conditioner is running.
  • Keep Store Foods in Air-Tight Containers and ensure the pantry and food storage areas are well ventilated.
    1. Examine your Food Sources and Dispose of any Food that is infested or has been contaminated.

  • If moths or larvae have infested clothing and linen, Wash or Steam Clean your Clothes at their highest possible temperature (according to their care instructions) alternatively Place Clothes in the Freezer for a few days which will kill any moths and larvae present.
  • Regularly Vacuum clothes storage areas and fabricated surfaces as its essential for removing moths and larvae. It makes good use for catching adults and pulling hard-to-see moth larvae, eggs, and pupae from out-of-reach places.
  • Try using Cheddar Wood Hangers and Hanging Lavender Sachets in your cupboards as they are know being natural deterrents.
And last but not least, the best course of action to take would be to contact Steel Guard Pest Control for a survey and preventative programme to be carried out!

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