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Fox Control


Public Awareness

Foxes can be found in a number of environments including urban and suburban areas across Britain though the densities of their population in certain locations will alternate between high and low depending on available resources within their habitat. They tend to be highly active at night as the presence of people or other potential threats are lower and all though day activity will occur on occasions, they usually conceal themselves within their dens or amongst vegetation and the surrounding environment until night falls..

On the lower scale of being a pest, Foxes are considered to be a nuisance pest disrupting/damaging earth and soil beds within the surrounding areas of your premises to make dens whist in the process of fouling, wailing, destroying vegetation and disrupting refuse sacks. On the higher scale of being a pest, they are associated with parasitic diseases including mange, roundworm and others which can be fatal to humans and other animals if left untreated. They may also physically pose a threat if a vixen (female fox) feels its cubs are in danger by the presence of people or pets meaning their prevention or eradication is of a high priority.
Steel Guard Pest Control are experts in External Inspections, Fox Control, Trapping Treatments, Prevention Methods & Techniques whilst providing knowledgeable advise with recommendations to prevent a reoccurring infestation. We aim to effectively resolve infestations as swiftly and efficiently as possible (which can depend on the circumstances of an infestation).

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Personal Preventative Measures

How to get rid of Foxes!

A Fox infestation can be frustrating to control due to their persisting presence which can include damage, disease and the possibility of physical harm. Unless Foxes are drawn to your premises for obvious reasons self prevention can be an extremely difficult resolve and the best course of action to take would be to contact Steel Guard Pest Control for a survey and preventative programme to be carried out. Alternatively, there are a number of preventative measures that can be carried out by occupants to reduce their activity if not get rid of them before or whilst treatment is in progress which are listed below:

  • Avoid Feeding Wildlife or Pets within the external surrounding areas of your premise as both the feed and the wildlife offers a food source encouraging foxes to take up residence.
  • Ensure Waste Management is carried out effectively keeping all waste secured externally and that your external grounds are kept free of any food wastes.
  • Ensure the Upkeep External Grounds and that it's not in poor conditions (i.e. large areas of loose soils are slabbed over, uprooted tree stumps are removed, subsidence with large holes levelled off and filled in, damaged fences are repaired etc). Proofing work is key!
  • Instal an Underground Parameter (approximately 2-3 foot deep) made of wire mesh with openings of 3 inches or less around your pasture or garden area to prevent the possibility of burrowing/tunnelling occurring.
  • Audio/Frequency repellers are also an option as a deterrent though effectiveness depends on quality and capability the products.

Facts of a Foxes Life