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Communal & External Services

We can resolve pest related problems for all external areas

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.All premises (whether urban, suburban or rural) are going to be surrounded by an external environment of some sort and the problems you may endure will depend on the resources, bio waste and habitual pests that exist within that particular environment. An immediate rural area would have distinctive pests that are uncommon to urban environments, though they are susceptible to the majority of infestations urban areas may experience. Other than being drawn to an external food source, pests may seek harbourage resulting in considerable damage to land and/or vegetation, disease or wounding to livestock, and severe financial loss. It is for those reasons that preventative measures (if not cure) should be in place for such occurrences to safeguard your land, livestock and surroundings of the premises.

Steel Guard Pest Control offers professional External Pest Control Services including:

Thorough Inspections of all infested areas and possibly the whole premises depending on the severity of the infestation. Professional Sets of Treatments once infestation is determined which would be carried out lasting over a duration corresponding to the severity of that particular infestation. • Various Prevention Methods and Other Works which may include blocking to direct or possible access points and/or clearances being conducted.
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Residential & Rural Gardens

To many occupants a Garden can be a place of leisure and relaxation though to others, it may be a place of horticulture whether for work or a pastime. How ever you choose to spend your time in a garden can easily be spoilt by an infestation resulting in destroyed lawns, soils and vegetation or in the worst case scenario becoming a threat to residents and pets causing physical harm or threat of disease.

Area Related Pests:

Foxes / Rats / Moles / Ants / Hornets / Wasps / Bees / Other Insects

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Penned Fields

Your land may be used to hold penned livestock for a number of reasons and for them to come to harm (directly or indirectly) due to a pest infestation would be extremely misfortunate resulting in a number of complications. Land and subsequently machinery maintaining it may also become damaged due to an infestation.

Area Related Pest:

Foxes / Rats / Moles / Rabbits / Birds


Barns Houses

In addition to animal pens, Barn Houses may become an area infested by pests which to occupants and livestock may threaten disease and/or harm. Structural and mechanical damage is also a possibility.

Area Related Pests:

Rats / Hornets / Wasps / Bees / Flies / Squirrels / Birds

Although infestations can be localised (depending on the pest) to specific areas where habitual behaviour and feeding would commonly occur, they can and have been found in unfamiliar areas within an accommodating premises depending on the severity of infestation, inaccessible cryptic areas and an abundance of sought resources which may be available throughout.
*See Terms, Conditions & Recommendations at the bottom of the page for information in relation to treatments and services.