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Commercial Services

We can resolve pest related problems for your place of work & business

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Commercial Premises can conduct a broad spectrum of business activities, facilitating apparatus used in other fields or sectors of work to support the daily function of your business. These types of premises can commonly experience infestations depending on stock being held within the building or if an apparatus produces a bio-resource desirable to pests. Spacious open areas with stored goods and materials can be highly vulnerable to pest activities resulting in multiple unsanitary areas, contamination of foodstuffs, damage to apparatus and severe reputable damage. Ongoing infestations may also exist within the cavities of the building depending on the pest and structural layout. It is for those reasons that preventative measures (if not cure) should be in place for such occurrences to safeguard your place of work, stock, equipment, and your employees.

Steel Guard Pest Control offers professional Commercial Pest Control Services including:

Thorough Inspections of all infested areas and possibly the whole premises depending on the severity of the infestation. Professional Sets of Treatments once an infestation is determined which would be carried outlasting over a duration corresponding to the severity of that particular infestation. • Various Prevention Methods and Other Works which may include blocking to direct or possible access points and/or clearances being conducted.
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Warehouses & Units

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Pests may be drawn to an Office Area due to something as simple as food being left in the open or stored in a desk, though due to office equipment, an environment can generate a generous amount of heat which may be favourable for a pest.

Area Related Pest:

Rats / Mice / Squirrels / Insect Larvae / Moths / Flies

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Leisure Centres

Within a Leisure Centre, common areas of infestation may take place above drop ceilings and throughout employee offices though problems can occur anywhere. Common places externally are near bin areas and outbuildings.

Area Related Pests:

Rats / Mice / Insect Larvae / Flies / Foxes

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Data Rooms & Centres

Data Room & Centres are commonly visited by rodents (specifically mice) due to the warmth that is given off from the electrical equipment. It is important that infestations within these areas are controlled as neglect may lead to severe damage to equipment, loss of data and/or technical down time.

Area Related Pests:

Rats / Mice / Insect Larvae / Various Insects

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Utility Rooms & Outbuildings

Utility Rooms & Outbuildings have a high probability of becoming infested by a number of pests due to the warmth it may generate and the shelter it offers. Within the external surroundings outbuildings can be the first place an infestation starts and can worsen before reaching the main building, but not before damages to apparatus and health risks to employees take place.

Area Related Pests:

Rats / Mice / Insect Larvae / Various Insects

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Power Rooms & Outbuildings

Alike Data Rooms & Utility Rooms, Power Rooms provide and offer the same resources, allowing pests to thrive if they're fortunate enough to gain access to the area. Pests would also present the same health and damage risks as the previous rooms if they were to take up residence.

Area Related Pests:

Rats / Mice / Insect Larvae / Various Insects

Although infestations can be localised (depending on the pest) to specific areas where habitual behaviour and feeding would commonly occur, they can and have been found in unfamiliar areas within a commercial premises depending on the severity of infestation, inaccessible cryptic areas and an abundance of sought resources which may be available throughout.
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