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Beetle & Weevil Control


Public Awareness

Beetles and Weevils are a widespread problem if they have taken up residence within a domestic or commercial property and the damage caused depends on the species and their feeding habits. The two species are then further divided into a set of sub species which highlights how vast and in abundance these insects are. Beetles and Weevils associated with a premises may be found feeding on or in materials (fabrics or wood) and food storage areas.

Beetles and Weevils are not known to carry or transmit diseases though the possibility exists if they were to come into contact with unsanitary environments to then contaminate surfaces or foodstuffs with themselves or their eggs. Depending on the sub-species, the female is capable of laying a substantial amount eggs as an individual or as a group by which that time the physical and financial damage may be extensive due to their rate of consumption. It is for this reason that professionals like ourselves should be called to resolve this type of infestation as soon as signs or even suspicion becomes apparent..


Steel Guard Pest Control are experts in Property Inspection, Beetles & Weevil Control, Pesticide Treatments, Wood Preservation Treatments, Prevention Methods & Techniques whilst providing knowledgeable advise with recommendations to prevent a reoccurring infestation. We aim to effectively resolve infestations as swiftly and efficiently as possible (which can depend on the circumstances of an infestation).

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Personal Preventative Measures

How to get rid of Beetles or Weevils!

The Prevention of a Beetle / Weevil infestation internally can be quite difficult due to the specific type of species being attracted to different materials (Stored Grains, Packaged Foods, Plants, Woods, or Fabrics) though there still are a number of preventative measures that can be carried out by occupants to prevent or reduce their activity if not get rid of them before or whilst a Beetle / Weevil treatment is in progress which are listed below:
  • Depending on whether your floors are carpeted or wooden, Regularly Vacuum or Sweep the premises removing them physically (especially in areas under radiators or at the skirting junctions whilst moving furniture).
  • Ensure Clean Surfaces and Contain Foodstuffs maintaining good hygiene within your kitchen and food storage areas.
  • Avoid accumulating and remove Unused / Old Materials (like old carpets & rugs, curtains & clothing, old paperwork, rotten wood) as they are potential food sources. If they cannot be discarded, keep them contained or well wrapped.
  • Having the Gaps, Crevices and Holes Filled in and around the premises (between wooden flooring, skirting boards, radiator pips, etc.) may prevent beetles / weevils accessing and harbouring ultimately causing severe damage to materials or foodstuffs.

And last but not least, the best course of action to take would be to contact Steel Guard Pest Control for a survey and preventative programme to be carried out!

Facts of a Beetles & Weevils Life